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Enjoy running!

"A year in Run Club has transformed me from someone who runs, into a runner. The combination of tailored training plans and group drills has given my training structure, along with the skills I need to push myself to the next level. It’s also put me in touch with a like-minded community, who have become an unexpected, but incredibly welcome, source of knowledge and support. I’m pretty sure I’m now a member for life!"

Since starting Run Club in 2008 we have assisted hundreds of runners to improve their technique, posture and running styles. We've also built friendships and created a community of runners. It's a unique experience that has taken many runners to a whole new level both with their running, and their life goals.

Click here to see what our members look like and what they have to say about Run Club.

Kaz Muddell, Principal Running Coach and Running Whisperer