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Many inexperienced runners think that by throwing on a pair of track pants, a cotton comfortable shirt and a pair of runners is all you need to go running. In some respects that is true, but then they wonder why it can seem so challenging to run. It’s because you need to create efficiencies to run effectively. By wearing the right types of clothing you can keep your body temperature down to stop you from working so hard. With shoes it’s about levels of support and reducing injury.

Avoid cotton

Wearing cotton is one of the most ineffective ways to run. It remains heavy when filled with sweat and it doesn’t dry off quickly. You need fabrics that wick away the sweat to help you stay dry and warm. Polyester blended materials are ideal as is compression gear. They remove the moisture away from the body so that your core temperature remains low. This will assist you to run effectively and not have your systems working overtime by overheating.

Wear the right shoes

Shoes are critical. If you are serious about running properly, don’t buy them off the shelf at Rebel. If you are a recreational runner then at least go to Athlete’s Foot as they have some level of knowledge about running shoes. If you are entering events on a regular basis then go to a good running shoe store. They will assess your gait and your biomechanical issues and fit you with the right shoes. You may roll in, roll out or be a neutral foot. All of these things are important to know.

Stay warm

If you are running in the colder weather you should still wear polyester or compression gear, just more layers. Rain or wind jackets are very effective at retaining heat as are caps to stop heat escaping from your head. You can buy particular running gloves for the icy weather. If you keep your extremities warm then you can often get away with lighter clothing around the rest of your body.

Sports bra’s

For women, a good sports bra is invaluable, particularly for large breasted women. It’s a topic not always covered in running articles but if you have large breasts they can affect your running gait so you need to have them comfortably restrained! Even smaller busted women should be supported. Often wearing a sports bra and a crop top under your shirt is a good idea.


Socks that allow your feet to breathe and not to sweat, resulting in blisters are a good idea. Running for long distances can cause discomfort if you are wearing the wrong socks.

Running belts and water bottle belts

There are so many products out there in the market now that you really need to find one that is comfortable for you. Any belt should sit snugly against you and fit with your body’s natural curves. If they bounce about or are uncomfortable it can affect your gait. Try a few to see what works for you and ensure that you don’t carry too much weight in your belt.