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Run Club

"If you run, you are a runner. It doesn't matter how fast or how far. It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you've been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run." John Bingham

Mind Body Motion Run Club is not like other running clubs. We don't mind how fast or how not so fast you go! Our aim is to help runners of all ages and fitness levels to enjoy running and to get a sense of achievement when they run. We focus on technical skills to ensure that you run safely and without injury.

Here are some common questions that we often get asked.

What if I have never run before?
That's fine. We cater for every type of runner and beginners will feel quite capable in our Run Club. We have runners of all levels, speeds, and ages. Oh, and all shapes and sizes too!

What if I am a seasoned runner with a lot of experience?
Then you are going to love Run Club! We help you improve your technique, increase your speed, or we help to get you ready for a big event.

Are we just running distances every week?
No, we actually take you through specific running drills. There are times when we will "just run" but you can do that on your own. We equip you with the skills so your running homework becomes easier and more meaningful.

Do I have to sign up to do events?
No, you can just sign up to learn to run. We guarantee though once you get involved you will definitely want to try out an event of some length! It's addictive!

Do I have to do some other form of training with Mind Body Motion?
Not at all. Several of our Run Clubbers train elsewhere. We do find though that the runners in our Run Club that participate in our group classes share a common goal and therefore motivate each other both in general training and when they are running.

Do I have to be fit?
You don't have to be super fit, however a base level of fitness is desireable. We would ask that you have no medical issues or significant injuries that would affect you when training.

What are the key benefits of Run Club?
We teach you how to run safely with less risk of injury. We also give you the training that you won't do on your own. The "hard stuff" as we like to call it. The hard stuff is designed to make you stronger, fitter and faster. The motivation to do well and to push yourself outside your comfort zone are the main reasons we have such a great Run Club. Oh, and you will have fun and make friends along the way. We can almost guarantee that!

So what do Run Clubbers say about Run Club?
If you aren't convinced that this is the right thing for you, perhaps some of our team feedback might help to convince you.

Where is Run Club held?

Review our Run Club program for the training calendar and locations.

What if I am keen to run but you are out of my area?
We have team members that live all over Sydney. People come from near and far for our Run Club. If you really are too far away then perhaps you might like to consider our Virtual Run Club program. We can teach you how to run remotely too and still be a part of our team.

What are the details and how do I join Run Club?
We're glad you asked! Just click here for all the details.