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Nutrition plans

We offer a range of generic nutrition plans based on an individual's weight. These plans have been written by Chloe McLeod who is a Sports Dietitian (formerly of BJC) and based on the latest dietary advice at the time of writing.

Each plan includes:

  • Recommended energy intake for running up to half marathon distances and then half/full marathon distances
  • Recommended protein and carbohydrate intake
  • Example meals for the different weight ranges
  • Carb loading advice
  • Race day meals plans
  • Overall tips for race day and general training
  • It covers advice for both men and women

We have four different plans:

  • 50-60kg
  • 60-70kg
  • 70-80kg
  • 80kg plus



Note: If you have specific dietary requirements, then we suggest a one-on-one consultation is best however if you do not, then these plans will give you some good solid general advice at a very reasonable price.