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When you start running it is important to take it slowly and build up the distance and pace over time. Our bodies take a long time to adapt to the rigors of running. Ligaments, joints and muscles may take months and even years to get used to the movement patterns of running. You need to allow them the time to adapt.

Sometimes we do too much too soon and as a result we become injured. There are other times when regular runners start to increase pace or distance and their body is not strong enough biomechanically to manage the changes. So even the most regular runner who has been running for years can also become injured over time.

This is where rehab or strength work comes into action. More often than not, runners discover that they will need strength work AFTER they become injured whereas you should be completing it before you start running. or at least doing a maintenance program weekly.

If you are finding that you have injuries, you should seek the assistance of a good physio that specialises in running. We work with BJC Health who has assisted many of our runners over time. Here are case studies of four of our runners who BJC have helped back to running after significant injuries that stopped them in their tracks. Literally.

TREVOR - hip and sacroiliac joint dysfunction

MARIO - illiotibial band syndrome and achilles tendinopathy

MOLLY - tenonopathy of gluteal tendons and bursitis

CHRIS - achilles tendinopathy

Mind Body Motion also offer basic level strength and conditioning programs. These have been developed by Kaz Muddell, Fitness and Running Coach and Karen Hester, Fitness Coach and Pilates instructor. They offer general exercises specifically designed for runners and are available as an online program (videos and written instructions). Click here for more details. If you have a specific injury then you need to seek assistance from a specialised running physio.