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Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Levels 1-3

Our Strength and Conditioning programs are designed for runners or walkers, targeting the muscle groups most commonly used in these types of activities. The biggest cause of injury, aside from not training effectively, is having weak or inflexible muscles.

What makes this a great program?

  1. You can do it at home in your own time with your own equipment OR you can work out at the gym and utilise the services there OR you can work with your trainer who can provide the equipment.
  2. We provide you with written programs and video instruction so you can work safely and with correct technique and form on your own.
  3. It's not expensive! We designed the program so you don't have to pay for personal training or physio fees and you can do this on your own.
  4. The programs increase in level of difficulty over time.
  5. You have access to ask us questions any time either online or by phone, at no extra charge.
  6. You are able to participate even if you live interstate from Sydney or overseas due to the fact each program is available on video.

What are the elements of the program?

You will receive written programs targeting upper body, lower body and core in relation to walking and running. These programs will be written with functional exercises that work the right muscle groups for running and walking. You will also receive instructional videos that demonstrate how to complete each exercise safely.

What equipment will you need?

We have built the programs so you don't need to puchase a lot of expensive equipment, if you decide to do these programs at home. You'll need a good set of dumbbells (3kg plus), a kettlebell (8kg) although you can use dumbbells instead, a mat, a fitball and a theraband. Most of this gear can be purchased inexpensively from Target, K-Mart or Aldi. You don't need anything too fancy.

What's the cost?

$49 for each level or $130 for all three levels.

How do you register?

Send an email to Kaz at Mind Body Motion indicating you would like to register for the program(s).


This is a general program which begins at a basic level. It is designed to target people who are not competent in these exericses but who otherwise have a good level of general fitness. If you have a specific injury or issue, you may need to see a physio for exercises that target your particular issue. The Fitness Coaches at Mind Body Motion are not physio's but are qualified to deliver exercise instruction. This is a virtual program, you will be requested to verify that you do not have injuries, are fit to take on these programs and you will agree to follow the program as it is instructed.